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How We Keep Your Construction Project On-Time and On-Quality

Usource Construction self-performs on several CSI Divisions and has a specialized construction workforce that executes high quality workmanship. In addition to quality workmanship, Usource has more control over the construction schedule for those self-performing divisions and passes the cost saving down to it’s clients. How to get your next Washington D.C. construction project started: Contact […]

What is a Full-Service Construction Company?

A full-service construction company provides design and build services including materials, equipment, and labor for excavating, masonry, carpentry, and more for your new construction, renovation, remodel, or restoration. Working with one company from planning to securing financing, breaking ground, and keeping your project on track in the Washington D.C. area simplifies the experience and helps […]

Converting a Residence into a Commercial Property

Converting older residential buildings into commercial properties is a trend throughout many historic Washington D.C. neighborhoods. As our communities evolve, former residential buildings are sometimes perfectly situated for use as retail spaces, cafes, or office spaces.  However, successfully converting a home into a place of business isn’t as easy as simply going in and performing […]

How Long Does a Historic Building Restoration Take?

Restoring a historic home or commercial building takes time, money, and usually specialized skills possessed by experienced trade workers. The balance between time and money spent on a historic restoration aren’t necessarily as inversely related as they are in a typical renovation or construction project. Some historic building restorations can be completed in 6 months […]

What’s the Difference Between a Historic Building Renovation and Remodeling?

This week we’re looking at the difference between a historic building renovation and a remodel. Like last week’s description of restoration vs. renovation, this blog should help you understand whether a renovation or remodel is right for the project you have in mind.   Although “renovation” and “remodel” are often used interchangeably in conversation, the […]