Church of Christ Renovation Project ( Part 1 )

If you’ve ever worked on a renovation project, you know how it can be. Noise, dust, budgets, dumpsters, and so on! Just Google “renovation,” and you’ll find many posts about budgets, how to survive, … you get the picture. To say it’s stressful is an understatement. Now, imagine a renovation to your existing church building where you still need to have services on Sunday, but your sanctuary is torn up and some areas require hard hats. How do you keep doing church in the midst of a this?

How can a church keep going in the midst of a renovation? Here are three steps to consider.

1 – Plan Ahead

2 – Create a Communicaions Plan

3 – Be Flexible and have Fun!

Here’s a good example of our latest project, the Church of Christ on 3100 13th Street. The sanctuary ‘Before’. 


The old Sanctuary


Check back in with us to find out how it went!  Or visit to contact us and find out more on how we can asssit you with your renovation project.


Collaborative Contracting

Competitive, complex project-bid models, which typically involve the owner planning a large project without meaningful input from a contractor, have been the foundation of most commercial contract procurements in the past. This process is evolving in the industry due to the current state of affairs….

On-time, in-house construction

How We Keep Your Construction Project On-Time and On-Quality

Usource Construction self-performs on several CSI Divisions and has a specialized construction workforce that executes high quality workmanship. In addition to quality workmanship, Usource has more control over the construction schedule for those self-performing divisions and passes the cost saving down to it’s clients.

How to get your next Washington D.C. construction project started:

Contact Usource to discuss how your next project can be executed with both Usource in-house construction team and subcontractors. We are committed to educating our clients on the process and its benefits. Our goal is always to make sure your next project meets all of your expectations.

On-time, in-house construction

Usource provides high-quality, on-time construction services because we have an excellent in-house construction team and over 20 years of project management experience in Washington D.C.