3 Ways to Manage the Cost of a Building Renovation or Restoration

Every construction project is a balancing act between cost, quality, and time. Changes to one of these aspects affects the other two. Of course, everyone wants the best outcome given the resources available. Delivering finished work on time and under budget is always the goal. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by cost at the start of a project when aligning plans with your budget. 

An experienced, trustworthy general contractor will help you get the most for the time, budget, and materials available. Honestly discussing budget and expectations upfront sets the project out on the right foot. Often, a contractor who has a long history of building in your area will be able to leverage their experience and business network to make your budget go further with labor, materials, and equipment. 

Here are three ways an experienced contractor can help you manage costs:

  • Planning your project at the right time of year

The climate of your area is a significant factor in completing construction projects. Depending on the nature of your renovation or restoration, this can make one season a financially wiser choice over another. Your experienced general contractor can help you choose the right time of year based on what your project entails, whether it’s extensive outdoor concrete work or a meticulous interior historic restoration. 

  • Choosing cost-effective materials and design elements

Materials and artisan labor can make historic restorations an expensive proposition. Restoring an old mahogany floor, for example, could prove much more costly than replacing it with stained oak, hickory, or cherry designed to last many years with minimal maintenance. Your contractor can help you save costs while retaining the building’s historic charm by saving sections of undamaged floor or even repurposing salvaged pieces as decor. This can help you achieve a balance between cost and results.

  • Doing work right the first time

Doing the job right can save you a ton of money. Having a project completed on the cheap only to be forced to make repairs or redo portions of the projects within a year or two can hit your budget hard. Experienced contractors earn their reputation from results. Always ask them to share a list of completed projects, and speak with their past clients if possible. If they’re happy with the work the contractor did, you can go into your project confident you’ll spend your budget to get the job done right the first time, giving you many years of use of enjoyment.

Considering the cost of your next renovation or construction project? Let’s chat about your options. We’ll help you strike the right balance between cost, quality, and time so you’re completely satisfied with the results.


Usource Construction Insight: Ask your contractor about these three things

Every construction project comes down to balancing quality, cost, and time. Consider these three competing variables deeply before undertaking any renovation or new building. Then, discuss your priorities with the contractor to ensure that your expectations are clear and understood before work begins. Your contractor should make sure that you, the client, understand how they plan to meet your expectations and goals as they relate to scheduling, budget, and quality. 

Construction is teamwork. On any given project, that team includes the property owner. Clear communication is key to keeping work on track, addressing challenges quickly, and adjusting as needed to meet expectations. 

Ask your your building contractor about these three things before work begins:


Make sure your contractor clearly understands the level of craftsmanship you expect. Ask about materials they’ll use and why they were selected for your project.


Always be very clear about your budget from the start. Your contractor needs to know what they’re working with financially to keep work on track and up to your expectations.


Quality work can take time. Weather, logistics, and other unexpected disruptions can hold up work. Get an honest time estimate from your contractor, and make sure they’ll keep you informed about any unexpected delays that arise.

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