On-time, in-house construction

How We Keep Your Construction Project On-Time and On-Quality

Usource Construction self-performs on several CSI Divisions and has a specialized construction workforce that executes high quality workmanship. In addition to quality workmanship, Usource has more control over the construction schedule for those self-performing divisions and passes the cost saving down to it’s clients.

How to get your next Washington D.C. construction project started:

Contact Usource to discuss how your next project can be executed with both Usource in-house construction team and subcontractors. We are committed to educating our clients on the process and its benefits. Our goal is always to make sure your next project meets all of your expectations.

On-time, in-house construction

Usource provides high-quality, on-time construction services because we have an excellent in-house construction team and over 20 years of project management experience in Washington D.C.

“Can I Keep My Business Open During a Remodel or Renovation?”

The answer may be yes, but it depends on the kind of business you operate and the work that is planned in your commercial remodel or renovation. You’ll want to discuss this with your general contractor to find out if staying open may be possible. 

A remodel or renovation is a major investment, so many business owners prefer to minimize the amount of time they need to close their doors. But if it’s safe and practical to remain open while work is underway, how do you, your employees, and your customers get through it with as little added stress as possible? In this blog, we’ll look at a few things to consider before beginning a remodel or renovation in your place of business.

  • Discuss your preference to stay open with your contractor, and ask for a schedule of work.

This is the first and most important step. Before finalizing any plans, discuss your plans to stay open with your contractor. They can advise you on what to expect with the work that is planned, and they’ll likely have tips based on past experience with commercial construction projects. Ask them for a schedule of work from start to finish so you’ll be able to plan around what’s happening in the building day to day. For example, there may be a short period of time you’ll plan to close if the power or water need to be turned off, or if loud or noisy work is planned like concrete demolition.

  • Plan for a clean living and working space throughout the work. 

Depending on the extent of your remodel or renovation, you may be able to block off half of your building, or at least enough space to safely and comfortably accommodate your staff and customers. Safety is of course the top priority, so you’ll need some space free of extension cords, building materials, and unfinished surfaces. If every room will be part of the remodel, work with your contractor to plan when you can remain open, and when you’ll have to close. The earlier you sort this out, the better you can prepare your staff and customers for coming changes.

  • Make sure supplies are ordered or on-hand before work begins.

No matter how well your remodel or renovation goes, you’ll definitely want work to be completed as soon as possible. Speak with your contractor about needed materials and make sure that everything will be ready before work begins. The last thing you want is to have an unfinished space longer than you need to because of delayed shipping. 

  • Take photos, ask questions, and prioritize the needs of your staff and customers.

During your remodel, life will be different. People will come and go from the jobsite, some areas will be inaccessible at times, and you’ll have plastic sheeting and drop cloths everywhere. And some days will be noisier than others. But you’ll also see your building’s upgrade happening in real time! 

Make sure that above all you prioritize your staff and customers. The last thing you want to do is impact their experience negatively while you’re saving money during the renovation. Be clear and upfront about the work that will be done, how long you plan to stay open, and always prepare to adjust on the fly as needs change. 

Whether you choose to stay open or close during a remodel, your contractor should work to accommodate your needs–the key is always proper planning upfront and an honest conversation between you and your contractor.

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Adams Morgan Commercial Restoration Complete for The Festival Center in D.C.

Usource Adams Morgan Office Space

Usource restored this Adams Morgan building, converting it into bright, open office spaces for nonprofits.

We’re proud to announce the completion of another D.C. commercial building restoration, this one at 2708 Ontario Road in the vibrant Adams Morgan neighborhood. For this project, we partnered with The Festival Center to build office spaces for their nonprofit network. The spaces will be used by organizations serving the D.C. community with a shared mission of change and impact for residents in need.

Ontario Rd (32)

The Festival Center’s goal was to transform a deteriorating building in the Adams Morgan Business Improvement District into a bright and attractive space for local nonprofits to grow and thrive. The Usource team delivered the project under budget and on time while working with tight deadlines. Usource CEO Shirley Boubert-Rumble says, “I’m so proud of my team. They pulled together to deliver this project on time and beyond expectations so The Festival Center can continue their mission.” The building is now ready for organizations to move in and begin working from their new offices within walking distance of the many Adams Morgan eateries, shops, and merchants. 


Ontario Rd (24)Usource brought over 25 years of residential and commercial construction experience to this project, with specialization in historic restorations. Giving new life to the brick and mortar soul of D.C. neighborhoods and business improvement districts is a Usource mission that’s only gaining momentum. Using sustainable materials, we create high-efficiency, functional living and working spaces for this and the next generation of Washingtonians to enjoy.


If you have a project in mind, let’s talk. We offer advisory services to help you explore the possibilities and options for your next building or restoration project. Give us a call at: (301) 705-9814, or check out some of our other recent commercial projects.