Will My Contractor Pull Permits and Handle D.C. Building Entitlements?

Yes. We here at Usource Construction will be more than happy to assist with this step. Our team is very familiar with the permit process and work closely with the city’s inspectors to ensure your project meets code. We are also accustomed to addressing questions by phone and in-person, so don’t hesitate to reach out to find the answers you need.

One way to determine whether your project needs a permit is to consult your city building and permit office. Most have information online that you may review on your own.

Projects requiring a permit typically include:

  • Adding or removing walls
  • Changing the use (such as converting a residential use to a commercial use)
  • Relocation or installation of new plumbing pipes, mechanical systems, or electrical wiring for your building
  • Installation of a new roof and replacement of structural components for the building
  • Partial new construction (demolition and rebuild to a portion)

Usually, the person who pulls the permit is responsible for ensuring the construction is code compliant.

If you have never tried to pull a permit before, we suggest hiring Usource Construction for your next project. Allow yourself to focus on creating an efficient and highly functional space for  your next commercial/residential project without the hassle of dealing with local regulations or cumbersome restrictions. We can do it for you–we are experts at navigating through the design, regulatory, and construction process.

Just visit to contact us.


What is a Full-Service Construction Company?

A full-service construction company provides design and build services including materials, equipment, and labor for excavating, masonry, carpentry, and more for your new construction, renovation, remodel, or restoration. Working with one company from planning to securing financing, breaking ground, and keeping your project on track in the Washington D.C. area simplifies the experience and helps you get the end result you want.

At Usource Services we take a full-service approach to give clients the best construction experience possible. We balance cost, quality, and time by working with you through every stage of the project, including:

  1. Design & Engineering – Developing the scope of work needed, including architectural, engineering, and material acquisition services 
  2. Regulatory Management – Managing the entitlement process to secure approvals and proper permitting
  3. Project Financing – Assisting you with securing capital partners to finance your project, whether it’s a new build, renovation, or remodel
  4. Project Management Support – Overall coordination of all your project’s moving parts, keeping costs under control and work on schedule
  5. Construction – We have a full construction team experienced in renovation and new construction

We can help you get your project started, keep it on track, and open your doors with a fresh, new space built to your needs. Just give us a call–let’s talk about what you want to build!


Usource Construction Insight: Ask your contractor about these three things

Every construction project comes down to balancing quality, cost, and time. Consider these three competing variables deeply before undertaking any renovation or new building. Then, discuss your priorities with the contractor to ensure that your expectations are clear and understood before work begins. Your contractor should make sure that you, the client, understand how they plan to meet your expectations and goals as they relate to scheduling, budget, and quality. 

Construction is teamwork. On any given project, that team includes the property owner. Clear communication is key to keeping work on track, addressing challenges quickly, and adjusting as needed to meet expectations. 

Ask your your building contractor about these three things before work begins:


Make sure your contractor clearly understands the level of craftsmanship you expect. Ask about materials they’ll use and why they were selected for your project.


Always be very clear about your budget from the start. Your contractor needs to know what they’re working with financially to keep work on track and up to your expectations.


Quality work can take time. Weather, logistics, and other unexpected disruptions can hold up work. Get an honest time estimate from your contractor, and make sure they’ll keep you informed about any unexpected delays that arise.

Got a project in mind? Give us a call at (301) 705-9814 to discuss options for your next building or restoration project. Here are some of our recent commercial projects.