Collaborative Contracting with Usource Construction

Competitive, complex project-bid models, which typically involve the owner planning a large project without meaningful input from a contractor, have been the foundation of most commercial contract procurements in the past. This process is evolving in the industry due to the current state of affairs….

Large commercial construction projects have put owners and contractors at odds for two key reasons:

  • Relationship contracting is a form of a collaborative contracting model that can better address project challenges and enhance their outcome.
  • Large, complex construction projects are doing away with Competition being the rule. They are demanding that owners and contractors engage more collaboratively.

Nowadays, due to the contract bidding process being at a critical point due to costly changes and delays on complex projects, collaborative contracting with Usource Construction is a popular option for project owners and contractors. Doing away with the heavy competition from contractors and developers that, in the past, has driven contractors to bid low to win, causing major project risks often being ignored, misunderstood or underestimated in bids. Usource Construction provides a key practice that is gaining momentum by adopting a more collaborative approach to project planning and delivery, including adapting contracting methods in the collaborative sense. Let’s work together to keep all our projects moving forward!